Hi, we’ve created this blog to keep people updated about how we’re doing. It’s a work in progress and we’ve just gotten started, so bear with us. – Nate & Amy


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  1. Nate & Amy: Ever since first heard about your story I have been wanting to write to you. However, words have failed me. The moving details of the babies passing on are beyond compare. God only meant for the babies to be here for this short but precious time I have been praying for you and hoping for a complete recovery in the near future. I am looking forward to reading your next blog as it is so inspiring. Love and hope,


  2. Nate and Amy: I have never met you, though I feel like I’ve known you for years. I am friends with Loralee and Lindsey and have been aware of your story through them. I feel like I have been apart of your lives forever, I eagerly await updates on you all and pray every day for your health and well being. I have read Nate’s updates as tears stream down my face. You both are truly the most inspiring individuals, couple and family I have ever “met”. I was raised to love, know and pray to God, as I grew older, my relationship with Him grew more and more distant and was replaced by questions, skepticism and even anger at times. I truly believe that people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Your stories, updates and undeniable faith has since brought me back to a Faith that I once lost and for that, I am forever thankful. Your strength and devotion is beyond admirable. You all continue to be on my mind every day. I send you healing vibes of a speedy recovery and to start a path together as a couple that can literally take on the World and so much more.



    1. Amanda,

      Amy read your comment this morning to me, and it was equal to a morning devotion to us. When my cousin began the u care site, I asked him if it were to be started, that we emphasize prayer and God throughout. Amy and I wanted prayer and thanksgiving to God more than anything else the u care did. Your comment made me feel what we desired has been felt by many. I am so grateful to God, and you, for what you have just witness and professed to the thousands who are visiting the blog. I too, am guilty often of thinking I am more capable myself than with God. I too have pledged to not be that way, for however long He decides I am here. I hope more and more people like you and I take that moment, to realize how hard it is living in our present world without His constant assistance. Your message has filled our day with joy amd Amy and I are so proud of what you have written to us. Thank you.


  3. “It’s a work in progress and we’ve just gotten started, so bear with us.”

    …this is what life is, what our existence is all about – we’re never “perfect”, but it would be a lie or grand delusion for any one of us to believe we’re “done”…

    Even when we’re gone we’re not done…


  4. I’m still praying for you, Nate and your family continuously…Rest in knowing that Christ is our strength and our refuge. Keep casting all your cares on Him. I love you (always have), as you have the soul of an Angel…
    I can’t even imagine how difficult this must be, but I do vividly remember mom’s battle with dialysis 3xs a week and her wanting to give up. We surrounded her with love and she, very bravely, hung in there…Know that you are on MANY prayer lists here in Florida, so He’s right there with you always. May the Holy Spirit send peace, comfort and a special all_consuming love to you always…Please feel free to reach out if you need anything at all…In Christ’s All Consuming Consistent Love, Kelly


    1. Thank you, Kelly! You are so encouraging. As you wrote about your mom, often it is people-their love and care- that keep me going. I know that the Lord is with me, helping me, but His presence is not always obvious. Instead, He uses people to speak for Him and show His love.
      XO, Amy


  5. From the earliest days I can remember, you were the strongest person I knew, besides Dad of course. 🙂 From your “mule kicks” that always found the most vulnerable part of my quads, to facing down the guy who was smoking in our driveway, to telling Mello in front of 200 people that he was long-winded, to pulling an intervention with me, you have been utterly fearless in recognizing and stating the truth. You also have a gift for seeing and sharing the most beautiful things in life, like pictures, poetry, art delicious food, elevated thoughts, and precious moments. I thank God that you are my sister and that He has allowed me to be part of your life for these 37 years. I love and admire you Ames…I can’t wait until we’re all together again and all of our tears will be wiped away.


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