Topping my Thanksgiving list this year was friends, family in Christ, neighbors and our community who all continue to lovingly encourage and support Nate and I. October was a very difficult month for us, as well as a good deal of November. I experienced more grief and depression in the past two months than in all the prior months combined. I am doing better now, thanks to the help of our good Father who hears and answers prayer. It amazes me when people say “We’re still praying for you every day.” Wow. Praying for 11 months straight! That takes remarkable dedication, faithfulness, perseverance… Thank you all so much.

Chemo treatments have been on hiatus for three weeks and counting. My platelets are chronically low and continue to drop. So it’s time to take a break and see if platelet production can recover. If the platelets get very low there is a risk of internal bleeding. Its probably not good to be off chemo for too long, either. Hopefully I can find a balance between the two. I was planning on taking a chemo break through the end of December, anyway, so the way things worked out is perfect.

Without chemo I am feeling good and am happy to have more energy than I have had in a long time. Yesterday I cleaned a spot in the apartment that I haven’t even thought of in 16 months or so, and did so with a smile, happy to be able to clean. A local YMCA offers Livestrong classes for cancer survivors and I’ve been going to those twice a week. Thanks to the generosity of Y donors, the classes are free and I have a free membership for the 12 week duration of the class. The other members in the class are lovely, delightful older women who I am enjoying getting to know. Most of the people at the gym are there alone and keep to themselves. Our class is the opposite: chatty, friendly, helpful, with lots of camaraderie. Exercising with the older ladies makes me feel relatively strong, flexible and energetic- a nice change- but I’m hoping to improve in all those areas. Since October 2015 I’ve been pretty inactive. Today I worked out hard enough to sweat. It felt good emotionally as well as physically. As I worked harder, I got angrier at this disease, to the point that I said some choice words out loud to cancer. If I’d been alone in the gym I would have been yelling. And hitting things. It would have gotten ugly 🙂